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About WiPGMs

The Women in PGMs network brings women from across the various segments of the platinum group metals value chain together to discuss, debate, mentor and grow the industry and our roles within it.

Over the past 5 years many companies have started consciously working towards addressing the under representation of women within the various layers of management in their companies. Harnessing this positive momentum, we believe the timing is right to enable the equitable representation of women not only in company structures but also at industry bodies, events and conferences both in the audience and on the podium.

In 2019 Aimie Keeler started an initiative with the support of Anglo American to develop a network of women specialising in the Platinum Group Metal (PGM) value chain. Success in commodities is dependent on effective and efficient collaboration and development of the entire value chain. The network was set up and rolled out by 4 women who collectively have 80 years of work experience and 50 years within the PGM industry

Industry Network Events

We currently host two events annually that offer both structured (we are female after all) and unstructured networking opportunities. Each event provides an opportunity for attendees to discuss key issues within the market as well as matters relating to the development of women in the industry. Our aim is to expand this to 4 events per annum

Member Platform

We are developing a member platform which allows members and other interested parties to find specific women who have specific knowledge within the PGM value chain to mentor other aspiring candidates and create helpful connections. 

Speaker Source

Members have the opportunity to indicate and be marketed by WiPGMs for future conferences and other speaker opportunities.


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