Platinum Week 2021 - Virtual Networking Event - Round Up

11 May 2021 \ Wilma Swarts

The past year and a half has been filled with many new and interesting developments in our sector and WiPGM is now in its second year of existence.

Join us as we host a panel discussion and interactive session on what the key developments were and what will be in store for the year to come. Hear from our expert speakers and panellist and share in the discussion.


May 20

7:00 EST / 12:00 GMT / 13:00 CAT / 20:00 JST





12:00 Keynote presentations and panel discussion 
  • Famihda will cover Anglo American’s evolving, co-creative and holistic approach to PGM Market Development
  • Ruth will speak on The growing importance of PGM recycling for sustainable technology
  • Marguerite will touch on product development and uptake in 2021
  • Rona will look at the environmental compliance requirements in recycling of PGMs
12:40 Break away and networking sessions
13:15 Panel feedback
13:30 Session ends


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Wilma Swarts

Wilma Swarts

Wilma is director of PGM Research at Metals Focus.

She is a commercialisation professional with 12 years’ experience in precious metals sales and marketing and 17 preceding years’ experience in business management, classical marketing, product development, market intelligence development and distribution. She served on various boards including chairman of The Platinum Incubator, director of The World Platinum Investment Council and The Platinum Jewellery Development Association and non-executive director of Furuya Metals in Japan.  She joined Metals Focus as Director of PGM Research in April 2020. In her leisure time she likes to play golf, run, cycle, and spend time with her indulging and patient husband.

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