Women in PGMs November Newsletter

12 November 2020 \ Aimie Keeler

Dear members, 

Back in April we made the decision to cancel our London Platinum Week event as it became clear that face to face networking was no longer possible. Little did we know that would be as true today as it was then, and sadly there seems to be little indication that it will be possible again this year. Nonetheless, being the resourceful bunch that we are here at WiP we decided to host a virtual event in place of our usual New York Platinum week cocktails.

We have also spent the summer months creating an online presence for the network, securing additional funding and making locks for the fridge to prevent working-from-home over-eating (ok, that last one was just me…). To find out about all this and more, read on for our September Newsletter.

September Virtual Networking Event

We are delighted to say that our first virtual event was a success. With 50 attendees and five excellent panellists we heard from participants across the whole pgm value chain about how Covid-19 was impacting their business and what this might mean for the future. WiPGMs would like to thank Suki Cooper, Anne Dennison, Marguerite Doyle, Meroonisha Kerber, and Maria Piastre for their industry insights and for giving up their time to talk to us. We would also like to thank all of our attendees for your active participation. We appreciate that virtual networking is unlikely to ever match the face-to-face experience but the engagement of everyone who took part really made the event special.

Sponsor Funding

WiPGMs was initially set up in 2019 with funding from Anglo American. It has since grown and in early 2020 the LPPM kindly added its support for our initiative. More recently, we are pleased to announce that Metalix has also agreed to come on board as a sponsor, providing valuable funds that will support us in delivering our objectives. We want to take this opportunity to thank Metalix for its support and belief in our aims and aspirations.

Website and Logo

Our website is now up and running at: wipgms.com. We are also now on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn. Some sections of the website, including our members area, are still under construction but these should be fully functional in the coming weeks. You will also find details of upcoming events, copies of newsletters and more information on the website.

Our Events

December 2020 WIPGMs Regional Get Together

Our board members from the various regions will be in touch with you to invite you to a session near you

February 2021 WIPGMs Virtual Networking Session

The year ahead in out industry. We will speak about decarbonisation and PGMs role, catch up on how important local access to metal will be in the future and how the access to vaccine will again redefine our daily PGM lives.

17 May 2021 WIPGMs Platinum Week Breakfast at Fortnum & Masons

We have locked in the date, time and venue. We have space for 60 attendees. Closer to the time we will send out invitations and further details.

2021 WIPGMs South African Networking Event

Our plans for a South African Networking Event have sadly been put on hold due to Covid but rest assured we are planning an event as soon as possible.

Member Bio – Michelle Robson – APVentures

We are using our newsletter as a way of helping our member to expand their networks. Each one will contain a member biography highlighting their career to date and why they have chosen to be part of WiPGMs. Many thanks to Michelle Robson for stepping up for this edition.

Michelle Robson is an Associate with AP Ventures focused on investment, portfolio management and management of the Fund’s Investment Pipeline. Michelle sits as an observer on the board of HPNow, HyET and Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies. She is passionate about supporting breakthrough technologies and inspired management teams. With broad experience in business development, strategy creation and implementation, and development of new and innovative deep tech and digital technologies, she supports the next generation of leaders to bring great ideas to life.

Prior to AP Ventures, Michelle held a number of group and commercial strategy roles within Anglo American including establishing and leading Anglo American’s first digital and innovation function. Before this, Michelle was a Manager with boutique management consulting firm L.E.K. Consulting, and prior to that received her first-class honours degree in Industrial Chemistry (Engineering) from the University of New South Wales (Australia). Outside of the office, Michelle enjoys running, yoga and exploring the world and the great outdoors with her young family (global pandemics permitting!)

Michelle believes that groups such as WiP offer “important support, advice and networks in an industry that is undergoing rapid change. As women (and men) increasingly grapple with how to prioritise the competing demands on their time; from work, children, aging family members, and other commitments, WiP plays a vital role in connecting us with others who have previously, or are currently, undertaking similar challenges. WiP also enables us to share our views on the changing landscape of the industry, and all the opportunities and challenges this provides, in a setting which is confidential, constructive and collegiate.”

Member Platform

Connect • Inspire • Succeed

We are developing a member platform which allows members and other interested parties to find specific women who have specific knowledge within the PGM value chain to mentor other aspiring candidates and create helpful connections.