Responsible PGM Mining: How to ensure a sustainable future? Event Update

08 February 2021  Kirthanya Pillay

11 March 2021 \ Wilma Swarts

On the 18th of February WiPGMs hosted a virtual event which discussed on the importance of responsible PGM mining, ensuring a sustainable future and the increasing importance of ESG across the value chain. 

Thabisile Phumo, (Senior Vice President at Sibanye Stillwater) opened the session with a powerful and succinct outline of the importance of stakeholders to ensure sustainability is not seen as just philanthropic but also strategic. At the core of Sibanye Stillwater’s ethos is the firm belief that mining improves lives. Thabisile unpacked how the success of business, government, communities, together with customers are intertwined and dependant on each other to build strong ESG foundations within the company and across South Africa’s PGM industry.

Ruth Crowell (CEO of LBMA) expanded on how responsible sourcing principals help ensure that PGM trading and London, as the largest terminal market, contributes to being a force for good. Ruth also covered the importance of communicating and educating stakeholders across these activities and highlighting the achievements across the value chain.

Michele Taylor (COO of Tharisa Group) elaborated on how the mining industries experience of COVID-19 underpinned how deeply interdependent business, the environment, communities and governments are and how the last fifteen months further accelerated Tharisa’s perspectives on the importance of collaborative ESG measures.

Erin Satterswaithe (Vice President Corporate Affairs & Communications at Impala) added a Canadian perspective emphasising the value and importance of a rigorous ESG framework, with clear targets and metrics, to ensure the stakeholder voice is recognised and incorporated in how business is conducted.

Each of the panel recognised the value of engagement, benchmarking and the ability for players to be held accountable, not only within their own corporations but across the value chain. The session wrapped up with further thoughts on what can be done to increase awareness and ensure future and involvement of more industry participants.

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