As we enter our 5th year of existence, we are truly grateful and to be honest, somewhat astounded by the momentum we have been able to garner and maintain. During 2023 we have grown our network by 67% and now have 176. We hosted a range of in-person and hybrid network events across the globe from Cape Town, London, Vienna, Singapore to Shenzhen and New York.

We have also successfully launched our collaboration with Moving Ahead, introducing the first ever cross company mentor programme of young aspiring women within the Platinum Group Metal Sector.

This incredible journey wouldn’t have been achievable without the unwavering support of our sponsors and the remarkable women who have joined forces with us in this initiative. It’s effortless to criticise or cast doubt on an endeavour, but it takes true courage to step up and make a difference. We extend our gratitude to all the women and men who have generously shared their time, expertise, and financial resources to uplift our network and empower the young women we aim to inspire and support. Together, we celebrate their commitment and dedication to the cause, propelling us to even greater heights.

As we look back and remember our achievements and activities of 2023, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you the very best for this year.

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