New York Platinum Week – 12th of September 2023 in

12th of September 2023 in New York.

Venue: Bergdorf Goodman.

Time: 8h30 – 11h00

Please join us as we host panel discussion and an interactive session for our members. Jenny Luker, Maria Piastre and Danielle Oliari will reflect on the factors that affected and the jewellery market, recycling and security and logistics of platinum group metals this past year. They will also share thoughts on what trends are shaping their segments of the value chain in the coming year. The panellist will also share thoughts on their leadership journeys to inspire and grow young female talent.

Meet our panellists

Jenny Luker
President of Platinum Guild International USA

With nearly thirty years of experience devoted to working with jewelry designers, manufacturers and retailers, Jenny Luker holds the position of President of Platinum Guild International USA.  In this role, Jenny is responsible for the strategic business development of the platinum jewelry industry in the US.  She leads her team in developing innovative marketing and trade programs that create value for the jewelry industry and fosters new generations of consumers.

Jenny holds a BA from the University of Oklahoma and an MA from California State University at Fullerton, both in Sociology.  Additionally, Jenny is the current Chairman of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Past President of the Women’s Jewelry Association, Executive Board member of Jewelers for Children and member of the 24 Karat Club of New York.

Maria Piastre
Metallix Chief Executive Officer

As a leading and trusted voice in the precious metals industry, Maria Piastre has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Metallix Refining since 2017.

With a degree in economics from Kean University, Maria has worked alongside some of the most respected talents in the industry, as well as being the driving force behind the company’s expansion into Asia and Europe.

Under Maria’s leadership, Metallix was awarded the Manufacturing Institute’s 2018 STEP Award for its new precious metals laboratory – one of the most modern and innovative in the United States.

With a passion for equality, diversity and inclusion, Maria has cultivated a supportive culture throughout the business. As well as championing local communities and charities, she is proud to inspire the next generation of women to rise to leadership positions, both inside and outside Metallix.

Danielle Oliari
Chief Operating Officer of CNT Depository

Danielle Oliari is the Chief Operating Officer of CNT Depository, a principal owner of CNT, Inc, CNT Depository, Inc., and the Bridgewater Sports Complex.

A graduate of Boston College (B.A. and MAT) and New York University (MA), Danielle began her professional career teaching English at the high school and college level. While she enjoyed teaching, she took the opportunity to change careers and went to work with her family at CNT, an international precious metals company. Danielle and her siblings, Paul and Stephanie, mark the third generation of family leadership at CNT. Over the past 15+ years, Danielle experienced all aspects of CNT’s operations. Currently, she runs the depository and minting business lines as well as the family’s charitable organization.

Danielle serves on the World Gold Council’s Retail Gold Investment Committee in North America, the Business Advisory Board for the Ricciardi College of Business at Bridgwater State University where she is a member of the Executive Committee and the Bridgewater Public Library Board of Trustees where she serves as the vice chair.

In a family business, the passion is not only for work, but for the family. Danielle truly enjoys working with her parents and her siblings as they build their business together. When not at CNT, Danielle is found with her husband supporting their three amazing children in one of their many endeavors, or perhaps, in a quiet moment, curled up with her dog, Charlotte, and a good book.

Member Platform

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We are developing a member platform which allows members and other interested parties to find specific women who have specific knowledge within the PGM value chain to mentor other aspiring candidates and create helpful connections.