WiPGMs is committed to supporting the careers of women in the platinum group metals industry across the value chain by providing opportunities to discuss, debate, mentor and grow the industry and our roles within it.

The network is governed by a team of dedicated and committed women with experience across various segments and disciplines within the platinum group metals industry.

WiPGMs invites those who share our ethos to become members of the network to help achieve our purpose.

When you become a member of WiPGMs, you are joining like-minded individuals who endorse and adopt its Charter. This means that you will:

  1. Contribute to furthering the careers of women in the PGM industry.
  2. Help promote and grow WiPGMs by encouraging others to become members.
  3. Inform WiPGMs about invitations that you accept to speak at industry events.
  4. Inform WiPGMs about mentoring that you take part in through WiPGMs, either as a mentor or mentee.
  5. Help promote the WiPGMs network by, for example, promoting content posted on social media, promoting the network to your network, and attending WiPGMs events.
  6. Not act in a manner that would harm the reputation of WiPGMs or any of its sponsors.
  7. You give WiPGMs permission to promote your activities and share your information with events organisers, mentors or mentees.

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